Harrogate 23 - 26 Oct
Wakefield 30 Oct
Kendal 31 Oct
Richmond 1 Nov
Gosforth 2 Nov
Doncaster 6 Nov
Crewe 7 Nov
Halifax 8 Nov
Scarborough 9 Nov
Leeds 10 Nov
Lancaster 13 Nov
Preston 14 Nov
Stamford 15 Nov
Southport 16 Nov
Otley 17 Nov





Something is rotten in the town of Inglenook.

Sour milk, unread post, dogs howling day and night, the locals are vanishing...seemingly into thin air.

As fear haunts the remaining few, a young scientist is disturbed by a noise underground.

It’s the sound of terror, and it’s getting louder.

The Body Snatcher is an unnerving experience inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson’s hair-raising horror: live action, music and storytelling combine in a tale of mystery, morality, and science unhinged.

No body is safe...

 "What this company achieve in a theatre space is astonishing"

Leeds List on thunder road


Image Credits: LooseNutStudio, ROBLING PHOTOGRAPHY